** “Acoustic” - By dictionary definition the word “acoustic” means “sound (and the properties and qualities in transmitting sound) **

“Acoustica” is a concept production, based on the unique concept of combining top-class vocal music with virtuosic instrumental music, this act is defining its own sound.

In today’s world of electronic music and mass production, Acoustica returns to the heart of music: Back to the roots of composition, song writing and the art of performance, with original versions of well-known cover songs, all performed live and unplugged.  Instrumental songs, encompassing various styles from around the world, give the act an international sound.

The artists involved have different musical backgrounds and international experience.  Their combined styles result in an extraordinary variety of music being made available, including Classical, Jazz, Blues, Pop/Rock, Ballads, Spanish Flamenco, Indian, Irish and African  music.
Passion, soul and world-class musical talent are combined in a show, where anything is possible, and what you see is what you hear: live and unplugged, real and authentic... Acoustica


“ACOUSTICA is a refreshing potjiekos of gifted young South African musicians – playing a captivating repertoire of adult-contemporary songs – both indigenous and international – from pop to the great American Songbook.

Led by leading session-guitarist Graham Gillot, the emphasis on scintillating guitar-work supporting great melodies and lyrics, shapes a unique musical skyline for ACOUSTICA.”


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